Applications for Our Commercial Marine Battery Systems

Lithium marine batteries from Spear Power Systems are capable of handling nearly any application you can imagine. From powering deep sea vessels to clean energy ferries for tourists in Niagara Falls, our lithium ion boat batteries are the ultimate power source to handle your marine operations. Partnering with our marine battery company means obtaining the marine battery technology that provides top-quality energy storage you can count on when the seas—or your projects—get rough.

Since 2015, Spear's Trident line of marine batteries have provided clients with uniquely scalable battery solutions that fit their specific needs. From spatial restrictions to power requirements, Spear is ideally suited to meet the demands of your project. It's because of this that Spear has been able to build valuable partnerships across the globe. With the shared vision of providing cleaner, better energy results, we're proud of the joint efforts we have been able to achieve.

Case Studies of Our Marine Battery Systems in Action

Spear’s marine batteries are the best in the marine industry, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our marine battery line is designed with marine conditions in mind, and we can show you firsthand how our special power solutions are put to use. We use innovative technology combined with creative solutions to meet the energy storage needs of all marine industry professionals while hurdling the challenges of unique applications. Our batteries are developed to be user-friendly, and we’ve enhanced durability to ensure they meet the toughest conditions in the marine environment.

Here are a few examples of challenges we’ve overcome due to the significant advantages in the design and application of Spear’s marine line of batteries.

Wind of Change

We provided an immensely efficient electrical system using Trident's liquid-cooled battery system paired with ABB's OnBoard DC GridTM. Louis Dreyfus Armateurs launched this advanced windfarm service operation vessel in 2019 and Spear is providing power to a second sister vessel "Wind of Hope"—scheduled to launch in 2021.

Gee's Bend Ferry

Back in the states, Spear technology is powering the Alabama-based Gee's Bend Ferry, the nation's first electric ferry. In 2019, the passenger ferry—capable of carrying 132 passengers—was retrofitted to be fully-electric. In 2020, Spear made its silver screen debut as the Ferry was featured on Science Channel's series, "Sea Giants." 

Maid of the Mist

Spear Power Systems provided the high-capacity batteries that power the electric ferries at Niagara Falls. These new vessels provide a smoother, quieter experience for the thousands of tourists while generating zero emissions—preserving the natural beauty for future generations to experience.

trident battery backside

Endless Applications

Trident batteries have endless applications—some operating independently thousands of meters below the surface—but all supporting vital resource exploration, oceanographic study, and critical defense activities. High-quality batteries you can rely on are the ideal solution for your next marine project.

Scalability. Safety.

Trident Batteries are designed to fit any marine need with Spear Power System’s guaranteed solid performance. Marine-tough service and the convenience of a scalable solution—how can you lose power with powerful solutions like that?

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