Trident - Lithium Ion Maritime Batteries

Trident lithium ion batteries offer marine vessels a clean and reliable source of energy. With years of development, Spear Power Systems has designed our maritime battery systems to meet the highest standards for safety and functionality. They are ideal for use in critical applications and can provide power with minimal maintenance requirements. With high-performance, customizable power solutions, Trident batteries are the perfect choice for a variety of marine applications.

Trident: Marine Propulsion Battery Systems That Move You

Designed with precision to deliver unparalleled performance, our Trident batteries allow you to power your marine applications no matter how big or small. Our safe battery systems are created to be reliable and flexible and can power any application in the entire marine industry. From large boat batteries for cruise ships or barges to smaller batteries for underwater exploring vessels, Spear Power Systems has the high-performance batteries you need to power your application, whether on the surface or under it.

Compact & Dependable Lithium Ion Maritime Batteries

When out at sea, you need a dependable energy solution no matter the application. Spear Power Systems designs and develops lithium ion ship batteries to meet the unique needs of marine applications. Our custom solutions utilizing lithium batteries are designed for ultimate safety and can be configured to suit even the most complex requirements due to their built-in versatility.

Sporting a flexible and compact design, top-of-the-line thermal management, voltages of up to 1250 V, and unparalleled safety systems, Trident batteries bring clean and dependable energy wherever you may need it. Whether seeking power-dense solutions for dynamic positioning or energy-dense solutions for peak shaving or anywhere in between, the Trident family of batteries from Spear can be scaled to meet the needs of virtually any application.

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Intelligently Flexible Lithium Marine Batteries

Our lithium ion boat battery was created with flexibility in mind. Every application is unique. That’s why we developed our batteries to provide the flexibility your project requires, providing you with an energy storage solution that is designed with your specific needs in mind. Lithium ion batteries can have a long life if properly designed. We are dedicated to creating maximum capacity battery systems with the capability of powering any project.

Trident's batteries are interconnected at the front of the module rather than the back of the rack as seen in many competitive systems. This permits Spear to configure the battery so that it completely fills available spaces. The unique advantage of this approach is that Spear is able to fit up to 40% more energy in the same footprint.

Safety - First and Always

Beyond providing consistent power, we understand the requirements of a battery protection system that is safe. The Trident Scalable Battery Management System (SBMS) features advanced, highly redundant safety systems which prevent abuse of the battery that would lead to unsafe conditions. In the unlikely event of an issue with the cell, Spear prevents propagation of a fire from one cell to another, greatly limiting the scale and impact of a thermal event.

Thermal Management Technology

Trident is uniquely available in both liquid and air-cooled formats with the same footprint and type approval. Spear is the only marine battery vendor who can suggest a cooling method without implicit bias. Customers can trust Spear to recommend the thermal management approach that makes the most sense for their vessel. Whether you are implementing a new solution or looking for a replacement battery application, contact Spear for expert guidance on making your project successful.

Brilliantly Configured

When it comes to finding a battery solution for your maritime vessel, you want one that offers the best safety and efficiency - that’s why so many choose a Trident battery. With decades of experience, the Spear team is dedicated to providing optimal energy storage systems. From the day of purchase, our team will offer expert support whenever it’s needed, ensuring that whatever energy needs your vessel has will be met and exceeded.

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Spear Power Systems' team of knowledgeable applications engineers will work closely with you to ensure that the maritime battery system they create is tailored to your specific needs. Thanks to their flexible modular design, Trident batteries will ensure superior performance while keeping your safety a top priority. Get peace of mind knowing that an expert application engineer is hard at work designing the best system for you. With Spear Power Systems' Trident batteries, your maritime experience will be safer and more supported than ever before. 

Implemented for Perfect Performance

The Spear team brings you a streamlined implementation solution while providing expert unbiased determinations as to optimal cell chemistries, operating parameters, and thermal management options in order to define and refine the scope of your project. Your final solution is delivered with monitoring and safety data after being thoroughly pre-tested to perform under conditions that exceed your project specifications. During and after implementation of a Trident solution, the Spear team is there for troubleshooting or maintenance needs.

Reliable Power Across the Globe

Spear’s Trident batteries have been successfully deployed on numerous U.S. and international vessels for varying applications. From small tugs and passenger ferries to large maintenance vessels and extravagant cruise ships, Trident batteries provide clean, reliable power across the globe with service and support teams to match.

Any Application.

Spear provides safe, environmentally-friendly solutions to ferries, ships, and water-based vehicles of all sizes. Whether you are implementing a new solution or looking for a replacement battery application, contact Spear for expert guidance on making your project successful.

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